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We are the number one choice for commercial and industrial contracts, working alongside Management Agents of blocks of flats within a 30 mile radius.

Peter Lynk

High Rise Specialists

Because of the logistical implications, it’s imperative that you select a company that specializes in high rise painting, and Peter Lynk has been helping building owners for over 15 years. You know the headaches that a high rise painting project entails. From permits to regulatory compliance, it can be a minefield of problems just waiting to sabotage your well-intentioned efforts at building maintenance.

Among the many issues you’ll need to consider before you commence your high rise painting project is safety – safety to the work crew, to the building’s tenants, and to pedestrians and traffic below. That’s why the pros at Peter Lynk utilise only the best industry-standard safety practices for your high rise painting project.

Full-Service High Rise Painting

By selecting Peter Lynk for your high rise painting project, you’ll be working with a value-added, full-service professional painting contractor. In addition to prep work and painting application, we can also offer services such as caulking, sign/graphics painting, waterproofing and exterior cleaning, like water blasting or sandblasting.

But we don’t just stop at high rise structures. We can also handle other projects such as architectural structures like clock towers, cupolas, historical restorations, churches and even lighthouses.

Peter Lynk Peter Lynk